Take to the skies with our 52-page A6 childrens' flight logbook - perfect for junior frequent flyers

Front Cover - Flight Logbook for Girls
Front Cover - Flight Logbook for Girls
Impress the flight crew when you travel with the Junior Flight Logbook for girls!
Your personalised Junior Flight Logbook
What's your call sign? Record your name in the Junior Flight Logbook
Record up to 20 flight journeys
Record the countries you've visited in the Junior Flight Logbook
Back cover - Junior Flight Logbook

Junior Flight Logbook for Girls

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The junior flight logbook for girls is the perfect keepsake to record travel memories.  This 52-page A6 Logbook (105 x 148mm) is finished with a textured cover, much like a passport and has space to record up to 20 flights.  The perfect gift for junior frequent flyers, aviation enthusiasts, expats and families that like to fly!

What's Inside:

  • Passenger Details page
  • Pages to record 20 Flight Log entries
  • The Phonetic Alphabet
  • Create your very own 'Call Sign'
  • Space to record countries visited
  • List of common airline codes