Take to the skies with our 52-page A6 childrens' flight logbook - perfect for junior frequent flyers

Holiday Report from a member of the Junior Frequent Flyer Club

The Junior Frequent Flyer logbooks were created to give frequent flyer families a way to document their travels.  We invite our customers to send us snippets from their recent family holidays.  If you would like to submit your holiday story or suggest a family-friendly travel destination, email us at: info@juniorfrequentflyer.com

The Fisher Family enjoy Western Australia

Fisher Family

Tell us about your last holiday with the family; where did you go and why?

We went to Western Australia in December 2018 with family and friends, spending most of our time in Perth and Albany.

What airlines did you fly?


What activities did you do there?

Swimming, wineries and parks

How often do your children travel by air?

3-4 times per year

What made you buy Junior Flight Logbooks for your children?

The kids feel important having their own logbook.  It's a great way to document their travels and something that can look back on in years to come.  I purchased the 'Born to Fly' Logbook kits for the girls.  The lanyard is great as they can wear it on board.

What are your top three travel tips for those travelling with children?

  1. Take plenty of snacks and activities for the plane, car journeys
  2. Involve the kids in planning activities for the day
  3. Happy kids = happy parents

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